Finally... A simple guide on how to become a
private English Language Conversation and pronunciation Tutor, 
anywhere in the world

If youíve ever thought about helping
foreign students with their English,
this is the book for you.

Are you a Native English Language Speaker?

Do you enjoy talking with students from foreign countries?

You want to be a tutor but donít have time to do a course?

Well, this book will give you everything you need to begin.

Hi. My name is James Hogan and Iíve been tutoring foreign students English conversation skills for over 14 years.

Iím here to tell you that it is very easy to start your own English language conversation tutoring business.

So, if youíve always wanted to try tutoring English to English as a Second Language (ESL) students, nowís your chance. Because in this book Iíve included everything you need to know to set up your own English Language Conversation tutoring business in your own area!

Yes, thatís right. You donít have to go to a far off country and teach in some school youíve never heard of. You can do this in a café or other place close to your home.

Maybe you want to do it for some extra pocket money, or maybe youíre retired and wouldnít mind doing something like this in your spare time.

Perhaps the only thing that is holding you back is that you donít know how to cross the line!

Itís the Ďgetting startedí part that no one tells you about.

Itís all very well for all these self-help books to say that they can give you such and such advice to help you start your own business, but if they donít actually tell you HOW to start your own business, how will it help you?

Well, this book will help you start today!

But first, a bit about my tutoring history.

I like to plan ahead so not knowing what I needed to plan for put me off setting up my tutoring business. I knew there were people out there doing it casually for some extra pocket money but I didnít know anyone who could help me.

I did a literacy course, then a TESOL certificate course. I read copious exercises and brushed up on my grammar. I practiced teaching some of my friends, and I regularly searched the net for information, but what I couldnít find was a step by step guide to starting up a private tutoring business.

It looked to me like all the English Colleges and private tutors did not want this information to be public. But I knew that there were enough ESL students in the world that everyone could work in this area and still get enough students to be successful.

So, I threw myself in at the deep end. Through trial and error I finally worked out how I could get students. From 1 per week, then 2 then 4, then, before I knew it I was tutoring 22 students a week and had to put up my prices to reduce the amount of requests I was getting. I was also able to quit my day job, finally!

After 14 years of doing this Iím taking a break. Iíve put this book together so that many people like you can do what I did, anywhere in the world.

But now, YOU can avoid all those long steps I took and become an English language conversation tutor today by reading my book. 

How to Become a 
Private English Language
Conversation and Pronunciation

An Easy Step by Step Guide for Native English
Speakers Teaching Mature Intermediate Level English
as a Second Language (ESL) Students

Fourth Edition By James Hogan

So, what does it contain?

This book is over 150 pages. But donít be dismayed, almost half those pages are exercises for you to print for your students.

Thatís right. Not only do you get all the advice you need to start up your business, but the book contains over 10 lessons worth of exercises for your students.

That's approximately 10 hours worth of lessons for your students!!

While no amount of exercises will cover every student, having 10 lessons worth of material ready means you can start advertising yourself as an English Language Conversation Tutor, before youíve even read the book!!!

What else do you get?

I bet it can be hard to write a classified advertisement advertising your services. Well, Iíve made it easy. Iíve included the advertising I use online to get students. Just change a couple of things like the name and number and you can use it yourself.

Iíve also included a template for notice boards that have been proven to get me a large number of students. Once again, just change a few details and you can use it anywhere. Start getting calls within days!

But exercises and advertising arenít all there is in this book.

* Step by step guides for starting up your business, running your first lesson, planning your future lessons

* A step by step guide on how to teach online. A whole chapter devoted to setting up your online teaching service.

* Example advertising, email letters, phone scripts and other useful pages to make it easy to start.

* Pronunciation exercises for your students, as well as tips to help you get them to improve themselves.

* 10 lessons worth of plans and exercises for use in 1 hour conversation lessons.

* Advice on how to get your students coming back for more.

And much more!

Did you know that some students have no idea about a particular suffix and why it sounds different in different words? Find out about it in this book.

Did you know that thereís a particular sound that replaces a lot of vowels in our language that makes English sound the way it does, and really opens the eyes of students when they learn of it? Check out the exercise in this book.

If youíve been waiting for a guide to help you start your English Language Conversation Tutoring business you donít need to wait anymore. You can save months of time and worry by ordering this book today for the price of just US$19.95.

Yes, thatís right. Only US$19.95. Can you believe it? 14 years of distilled advice, knowledge, steps on how to set up your business, exercises and more. Over 150 pages for only US$19.95.

Click here to order your copy today

More Testimonials

Hi James, 
Good to hear from you, I had been teaching in China for 3 years up until May last year. I am well experienced in ESL and started teaching here in Queensland mid last year. After all my experiences, I still found your book so helpful with suggestions & tips that helped me in many ways. It goes to show no matter how experienced one thinks one is, there is still lots of room to look and evaluate opinions and different ways of teaching from others. I am now wanting to teach online as a work from home position and would very interested on how your fourth book can help me in this field, I am sure it will be equally as good as the first edition.
Heather B

Hi James,

I have been meaning to do this sooner and I only have great reviews for your first book!!

I first bought it because I thought I would only use the exercises out of it.  But having the book for about six months now, I have found not only the ten lessons very useful with my students but also using your conversation questions to keep the conversation going and using minimal pairs to diagnose pronunciation problems.  

So far I've only used the book to teach students I already have and living in New York has not deterred me from using the exercises as they are so easily adaptable to American culture as well.  I can definitely see myself using the first half of the book to set up my tutorials when I move out of New York and I'm sure that my business will grow!! The step by step guide is great, easy to use, and most importantly I think, since it is a tested method is sure to work! I love the fact that a lot of the advice in there is so practical! And the best part is, I could start my tutorial set up the day I got the book!!

Thanks for the wonderful book! It really cut down my prep time to almost nothing!!

Tia L
New York

I bet youíre asking "US$19.95? Why is the price so low?Ē

Well, it would mean a lot to me if you gave it a review. Keeping this guide at the low price of US$19.95 for awhile will, I hope, help me to get many good reviews!

This price is for a limited time only and will be increasing soon, so donít delay.

Nowís your chance to get hold of this easy tutor's guide and grab all the students in your area before someone else does! This is the best time to get students so start putting into practice the advice in the book as soon as possible.

If youíve got a resolution that youíre going to do something different with your life, nowís the time.

Click here now to buy online

I give you my personal guarantee that this book contains useful information that will be helpful in helping you to start your own business.

If youíre not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. 100% guaranteed

Remember, youíre getting the equivalent value of 14 years worth of my experience. I donít think you could put a price on that.

Plus, youíll also be able to avoid all those mistakes and pitfalls that Iíve made while I tried to set up my business.

This is real ďinsiderĒ information and the best part of years of experience and research would usually cost hundreds of dollars.

Iíve looked at reports of only 60 pages selling for over US$1200.00! Why are other reports so costly? Because thatís what people will pay for secrets, expert knowledge and specialised training.

I was planning to sell this book online for US$47.00. 

But Iíd really like to get some more testimonials for my site so Iíve cut the price to only US$19.95. 

A lot of new English language conversation tutors charge over $30 per hour for their service. This meansÖ

You could make your money back with your first student!

But Iím planning to increase it to US$47.00 soon so please donít be surprised if you come back the next day and the price has already gone up. Iím not sure how long I can keep it at this low price.

Even so, US$47.00 is such a good deal for all the information that youíll get with this book that Iím sure you probably would still be happy with that price if you decide to come back later.

Click HERE to buy your copy for US$19.95 online NOW!

Hey James. 
I canít believe this book, mate. Not only have I taught lots of students but I also met my new girlfriend that way. I know that isnít what youíre selling the book for but I just thought Iíd say thanks!
John A

Well, 14 years ago I never imagined Iíd be running a successful English language conversation tutoring business from my own home. I never believed Iíd be able to do that.

This book is a manual, a guide, a tool to help you start your own English language conversation tutoring business. How you use it is up to you.

Even if you decide the guide is not for you, I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. Iím the happiest Iíve ever been, tutoring students from around the world without needing to work for anyone else but myself; I hope you find your happiness too.

All the best

James Hogan

P.S. I havenít really talked about how much money you might make tutoring foreign students in English Language conversation skills. If youíd like to find out, youíll need to order the book.

Click here now to get your copy!